Is the demo fully functional?

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Is the demo fully functional?

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First off, I really like Helicon focus.

I installed the trial to see what I can achieve.

I did a close up on a tomato in the kitchen using one 300WS monolight and everything else in manual (ISO, WB, focus, shutter speed and aperture)

I did 49 shots with shifting focus gradually. While the sharpness seems to be ok I have a big problem with the brightness adjustment.

Unfortunately my Monolight didn't illuminate all 49 shots exactly the same therefore I do have a little difference in brightness.

I saw the in the preferences I can turn on (on by default) brightness adjustment but as it was already on I don't know what to do. I get a warning message saying that brightness was varying 19% so I don't know that to.

In the support section of the web site it shows a screen shot of the preferences and next to the brightness check box there is a percentage field to specify the max adjustment value I assume. In the demo that I just downloaded there is not such percentage field next to "brightness". Do I miss something?

The problem is that the tomato looks like it is sliced in dark and light sections - funny enough that it almost looks like as if every other frame was too dark (or too bright) for Helicon to adjust it.

I added lines to indicate where the dark areas are - you should see them underneath. I assume it's the light loss from the shallow depth of field. This was taken with a Nikon D90, a 20mm extension tube and a 50mm f1.8 lens.
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Re: Is the demo fully functional?

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Thanks for your tests and the image.
Helicon Focus tries to adjust brighness of the whole image and I think that in your case the brightness of the different parts of the image changes by different values.
If you upload this stack as described at we will try to enhance our algorithm for such cases.
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