Brightness variation message and overexposed result

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Brightness variation message and overexposed result

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Just used Helicon Focus for the first time. Everything seemed to work as expected. Took a series of images of a seashell with lots of surface detail on a dark background. Used manual exposure and each shot (measured in Photoshop) is the same brightness. After running Helicon I get a message saying that brightness varied by 85%. The resulting image seems way over exposed and there is no detail in bright areas but edges are sharp throughout. The seashell is about 200mm deep. Used a 180mm macro lens. Moved the camera on a Novoflex sliding base but did not change the focus setting on the lens. Is my technique wrong? Should I keep the camera stationary and refocus the lens for this type of macro image? I notice that as the lens moved closer to the subject the image size in the frame increased noticeably. Any advice please. Geat product when I learn how to use it.
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Re: Brightness variation message and overexposed result

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I would need this stack to understand the problem. Helicon Focus uses the first frame to adjust brightness of other images. If all of them are shot with manual exposure, the brightness should be the same. You can upload your stack to our ftp server as described at
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