Insoluble problem?

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Insoluble problem?

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I am using Helicon Focus Pro and am very happy with it. The problem I see that I don't believe has a solution is this: In a flower macro shot for example where the camera is looking into the flower and the actual depth is 3 or 4 inches then as you shoot from near to far when the foreground objects (pollen caps) come into focus the farthest objects(flower base) are completely blurred and there is no detail to record. When the background objects come into focus the foreground objects are so blurred they "bloom" and completely obscure the background detail. The final result is a blurred background halo around the in-focus foreground objects. I tried using Helicon Remote and it took it chose to shoot 150 photos and the halos were still there. I tried cloning but then realized there is no background detail captured due to foreground blurring. I tried shooting at f16 and f22 (typically I shoot at f5.6 or f11) and it helps a little but diffraction takes its toll. Is this a limitation with no solution?
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Re: Insoluble problem?

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Yep, there is no simple solution for this problem. I can only suggest you to make the final shot of the background with a foreground object (flower) completely removed. In this case you will have details to clone later. Another alternative is to make the shot of the background with small (f22) aperture to minimize the effect of foreground blur.
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