Help with DOF Stacking using CHDK

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Help with DOF Stacking using CHDK

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I have been experimenting with the Canon "Hacker" Development Kit (CHDK) which allows extended acquisition of focal slices using Canon P&S cameras .. mine is a newly purchased SX10IS. I hope someone on the forum knows how to overcome the following limitation of this camera in the multishot MF mode used for focus bracketing: the camera disables synch to both the internal flash and the hotshoe. This severely limits high quality pictures with low ISO. Both the native Canon firmware and the supplied CHDK routines have this limitation. Since CHDK has a scripting language, I'm wondering whether any of you know whether a script could circumvent this limitation. Thanks!
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Re: Help with DOF Stacking using CHDK

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Sorry, Helicon Remote works only with DSLRs while CHDK is avaialble only on PowerShot series AFAIK.
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