Turning off liveview between shots

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Turning off liveview between shots

Post by Brentbat123 »

I've just started using Helicon Remote and love the possibilities.

Is there a way of disabling the liveview between each shot to speed things up?

Some of the shots I want to do involve hundreds of shots, and right now on my D700 it is taking about 10sec to take one shot (shutter speed is 1/200sec).

Am I missing something? I tried turning off liveview in the menu, but it still seems to be putting it on when it starts automating.

Thanks in advance

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Turning off liveview between shots

Post by Stas Yatsenko »

We need to enable Live View to make focusing step so there is no way to avoid it. 10 seconds seem to be too much though. Are you shooting in RAW? Does shooting in JPEGS makes any difference? Shoot a shot stack and Report us a bug from menu\Help, we will see the timing in logs.
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