retouching and colour blending

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retouching and colour blending

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I've been trying to retouch some small areas simply by selecting a suitable source image and drawing over the generated stack image but I can't really see anyway to colour match the two images. I've tried various combinations of parameters for the brush tool with little success and always end up with rather obvious areas from the source image which don't blend in well with the destination stack. Is there an obvious setting I'm missing which helps to blend the two images around the retouched areas?

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Re: retouching and colour blending

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I would recommend you to adjust brightness of the source and destination. Then set the brush to be soft - that makes cloning much less noticable. And set intensity to something like 60% if applicable. In some cases you can check "Texture only" option if you want to transfer details and are happy with the destination color/brightness.
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