focus stepping functionality with teleconveters

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focus stepping functionality with teleconveters

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I have a Nikon D5100 with the AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8G IF ED lens. I would like to get closer to subjects and favour the Teleconverter route over the Extension Tube route. Choices are the Nikon TC 1.7E II or TC 2.0E II or the Kenko DGX Series 1.4x, 2.0x, 3.0x. Nikon reports issues with autofocusing when their TC's are used with the Nikon lens and while I am happy to manually focus to set the focus parameters in the Helicon Focus software prior to shooting a stack - what I want to know is whether the ability of the Helicon software to incrementally step the focus is retained?

Reviews of the Kenko TC's do document issues with Autofocus when used with Nikkor 60mm & 85mm micro lenses although I haven't found any reports of problems with the 105mm. Can anyone verify this?

Many thanks for any feedback...
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Re: focus stepping functionality with teleconveters

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Helicon Remote sends commands to the camera to move focus. If camera is able to control the lens, everything should work properly. In other words, if the problem with TC is that AF is inaccurate but camera actually moves the focus, then Helicon Remote most probably will work. If AF is not working at all, that means that camera is not able to control lens through TC and Helicon Remote will not be able to do this as well.
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