First try....!

Optical microscopes + digital photography
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First try....!

Post by marioreget »

Helicon focus is a great prog....
Just what I was looking for...tnx... 8)
first picture..scratching the walls..
first picture..scratching the walls..
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Post by FredT »

What a fascinating bee that is! Any idea what kind?

On the technical side, the image looks nice and sharp, but there is some haloing around the antenna. I am having quite a bit of trouble with that. What radius and smoothing did you use, and how many images were there?
Mario Reget


Post by Mario Reget »

The insect is a bumblebee, I think it is the "Bombus pascuorum", quite common where I live.

The stack contains 14 images, and I used only default settings. I am just starting, have to experiment a lot.....
Frontside Bumblebee..
Frontside Bumblebee..
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Post by mireille »

This is stunning...and fascinating! :shock:
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