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Or maybe he's an annoying computer that can read human code. Let's stop paying attention to him. Just delete and block him and locate him by his ip address and go to his house and sue him for posting ads.
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Oh, it is not easy to block these spammers! We added visual confirmation for guests and this helps to block most of them. But these guys seems to have hundereds of people of enter verification codes : )))

And they always post from different IPs.

Ok, we will try some other ways of filtering...

Sorry for the notifications from this topic, it looks like they select the topic with max replies.
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Much better. :)

Now I don't know if it's possible, but maybe if a post with more than five links would get a "Spam" and a "Not Spam" button next to it that would help. If one person clicks Spam, it could get collapsed. If more people click it, it could be removed. And if a couple members choose Not Spam, the buttons would disappear.
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