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31.12.2012 22:00
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Helicon Remote D800
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Re: Helicon Remote D800

I have the same problem with nexus 10/d800 in setting the far point. See my new post dec 31, 2012.

31.12.2012 21:44
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Nexus 10 (high-res display compatibility?)
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Re: Nexus 10 (high-res display compatibility?)

it works for me (d800). it is a different question if it fully takes the advantage of the high resolution. from Stas' answer it seems not.

31.12.2012 21:40
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: D800 Using On Camera Shutter
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Re: D800 Using On Camera Shutter

i set not to download images in the settings/saving images and it works for me. however i agree with you that it is very useful to allow the use of the on-camera release button.

31.12.2012 21:29
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Stack shoot not workin with Nikon D800/Nexus 10
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Stack shoot not workin with Nikon D800/Nexus 10

I tried to use Helicon Remote in Nexus 10 to take some stack photos with Nikon D800 but could not get it working. I follow the following steps: 1) use the auto focus button to focus the near point and save it as point A. 2) use the arrows to set the far focus point however it only changes the shoots...
30.10.2012 00:50
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Feature requests: shoot button in fullscreen view
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Feature requests: shoot button in fullscreen view

hi folks, I am new using the Helicon Remote after using the Helicon Focus for more than 1.5 years. I found the Remote (Android both Nexus 7 and Galaxy S II with D800) useful and usable albeit some problems. What I would like to ask to add to the Remote are the following: 1) A semi-transparent "shoot...