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by JKTFinn
17.04.2019 18:11
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: HF 7.5.1 freezing
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HF 7.5.1 freezing

The following procedure seems the cause freezing of the program: 1: Open CR2 files for stacking 2: Start stacks with B & C method 3: Drag another set of images on the window for new stacks 4: Start stacks with B & C methods on the second set of files 5: Once the first two stacks are finished, edit t...
by JKTFinn
31.03.2019 19:15
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Canon EOS R
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Re: Canon EOS R

Stas Yatsenko wrote:
27.03.2019 15:20
As for Helicon Remote, we can't promise anything yet but we'll see what we can do after we add support for another mirrorless Canon camera, EOS M50, that we're currently working on.

That camera sorely needs support as StackShot can't trigger it (as far as I know).