Nikon D4, WT-5 Wireless, and iOS iPad/iPhone

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Nikon D4, WT-5 Wireless, and iOS iPad/iPhone

Post by jekslwe » 30.04.2020 03:15

Hi guys,

I've got the remote and stacking software working perfectly USB tethered to a laptop. Problem is I don't want to lug a laptop around in the field. So iPhone or iPad is required.
I have both of them. And I have the WT-5 wireless adapter for my Nikon D4.
However I can't get the app on the phone to see the camera. The phone is connected to the wifi adapter and I can use the built in server to control the camera remotely using a web browser, but I can't make the Helicon Remote app see the camera. So I know that the phone is definitely connected to the camera. But the Helicon Remote app does not see it.
I have added the camera in the app settings. Give it a name, the IP is the IP walmartone of the camera shown in the D4 network settings menu, try to connect and the app reports the error: A network device with the specified error is not found.
The app also suggests going to Tools - Network cameras but this setting does not appear in the iOS app.
I have also been through the instructions here: ... ml#NikonWT
But those instructions are for the WT-4, not the WT-5. So the settings and screens are different. I have tried it anyway but no success.

Can anyone help me connect the app to the Nikon D4 using the WT-5 wifi adapter please?

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Re: Nikon D4, WT-5 Wireless, and iOS iPad/iPhone

Post by Catherine » 02.05.2020 22:39

Hi. There's currently a problem with automatically detecting the camera on iOS, it may or may not work depending on your device and iOS version (sorry for that). We're addressing it in the upcoming beta version, but there is still a way to point the app to the camera by entering the camera's IP address manually (as you've discovered).
Do note that remote control most likely requires the WT device to be put in a different mode than browsing photos with a web browser. So if the browser works, it's no wonder Helicon Remote doesn't as you likely need to switch the WT module to remote control mode (we have instructions for WT-4, but you've discovered that as well). And this is likely done with a desktop tool by means of creating what Nikon calls a profile - certainly so for WT-4, and WT-5 should be the same in principle, but we don't have one.

First of all, set the address of the camera that you added manually to
And then you need to create a profile on Mac or Windows computer, this is where you select remote control mode. Then you'll need to select this profile in the app, the "Nikon profiles" function is under "Select a camera" - "Add".
By the way, you can see the version of the manual specifically for iOS with "Select a camera" - (?). It's the same, but the screenshots are specifically for iOS.

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