Possible to set the resample method with HFocus 4.10?

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Possible to set the resample method with HFocus 4.10?

Post by Anthony » 02.04.2007 05:11

With HeliconFocus 4.03, in Preferences, General tab, I was offered choices as to which image-quality I wanted, with the trade off of speed vs. quality. With HeliconFocus 4.10, I don't see image-quality options listed in Preferences, General tab. Instead there is a choice of "Lens size" and "Lens zoom", settings....for which there is no information in the Preferences Help section. Instead of discussing "lens size" and "lens zoom", the Preferences help section of Focus 4.10 contines to refer to the "resample method", which is no longer included under the General tab. However, under the RAW tab, there is a choice of "demosaic" quality". Thus, I am confused: it would be logical for the placement of "demosaic method" within the RAW tab indicates that those settings only apply to processing RAW files. If so, then my first question is, how do I select processing quality vs. speed for the non-RAW formats? My second question is, under the General tab, how does "lens zoom" and "lens size" apply to the images? I have run image stack with the settings at various extremes and I can discern no difference between the compiled images produced, and I don't even understand their relevance when I am shooting through a microscope.

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 03.04.2007 09:53

The help files will be updated in the coming version.

Resample quality: this parameters applied only to screen representation. We hid it and now are using best quality (Mitchell)

Raw interpolation: this only applies to raw files, best quality by default is used

Lens size: "Lens" is a "magnifier window" which you can use to quickly explore part of the image with 100-300%


resample method

Post by Anthony » 04.04.2007 18:40

Dan, thank you for the clarifications. In general I find Helicon Focus to generate excellent results.

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