Most affective method for reducing noise

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Most affective method for reducing noise

Post by Mac » 28.06.2011 00:47

You can use this method if you have software with layers (like GIMP, which is free) and Helicon can make this process easier. The method is useful if you do not not have a cable release.

1. Connect camera to computer and select time lapse shooting.

2. For interval select 0 and delay before first shot to 0. To find out the number of shots necessary, first take one image and see how much noise is in it. If the image has more noise, select more shots. Longer exposures and higher ISO speeds cause more noise. Also, make sure your camera is on a tripod and that the object/scene is not moving.

3. After your photos are taken, open them up as layers in your software (GIMP, Photoshop, etc.) and go to this URL: [link was blocked by admin]. This page tells about how you can use image averaging for reducing noise from your set of images and how it works.

This method is also useful if you are doing HDR photography, especially in low light. Just make several HDRs and average them.

You can also use time lapse shooting to make a long exposure during daylight by making short exposures with your camera on a tripod and combining them to create a long exposure.

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