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Post by RoseEatsRice-M10 » 05.04.2019 04:04

I am thinking of switching to Mirrorless
With current thoughts being
Sony a7r3 / a73
Canon R/rp
Nikon z7/z6
Fuji gfx 50s/x-t3

Are any of these compatible?
Does using a rail add more precison than Helicon alone using lens stepper motor?
Canon eos rp has focus stacking, I imagine Helicon to have more options and be more precise, would that be true?
Are there lenses that are more precise (finer smaller steps) than others when using Helicon focus?
Which are the best or worst lenses in each plaform for Helicon focus? (Thats a big table/database request)

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Mirrorless

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 05.04.2019 11:31

Of these, only Sony A7 R III will definitely be supported, we're working on this right now. I assume A7 III (non-R) body will also be supported but we haven't tested that. Can't promise anything about the other cameras at this point, but we do want to support EOS R and Z7 lines if possible and feasible (but it will take a while in the best case).

Yes, a macro rail is more precise than a lens, usually much more. Yes, some lenses are more precise, but we don't have any kind of a list or even examples, sorry. Just don't have enough info on this topic.

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Re: Mirrorless

Post by BobStone » 05.04.2019 12:17

And the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 have focus stack creation built in.

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Re: Mirrorless

Post by jimh12345 » 22.04.2019 00:38

I now have a Z6. I'll try the built-in focus stacking but what I've read about it was not very positive; it sounded half-baked. Would love to see Helicon support the Z6/Z7.

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