the release of Helicon Focus Pro 3.10

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Dan Kozub
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the release of Helicon Focus Pro 3.10

Post by Dan Kozub » 15.03.2005 21:38

We are pleased to announce the release of Helicon Focus Pro 3.10, the program for combining partially focused images.

Helicon Focus solves shallow DOF (depth-of-field) problem which almost always appears in macroshooting (<10cm) and in digital microphotography (optical microscopes). The program finds the focused areas in each image and combines these areas into one perfectly focused image.

Starting from v.3.00, Helicon Focus also automatically aligns images as objects often change their size and position from shot to shot. This function is especially important for macrophotography.

New version of Helicon Focus has enhanced algorithm and improved performance (up to 3x) compared to 2.03 version. It also includes "dust map" feature to remove dust and hot pixels from the resulting image.

Pro version includes the possibility to fine tune opacity maps in external graphic editor to fix minor artifacts. Only a few minutes of work will result in perfect image.

Helicon Focus Pro version costs $250 and includes free license for Helicon Filter Pro, advanced image editing software. Helicon Focus costs $115.

Helicon Focus supports most popular file formats including all RAWs. It has no limitation on number of images or resolution.

Helicon Focus is THE solution for photo enthusiasts looking for infinite depth of field as well as for professionals in microphotography.

The full featured 30 day evaluation version and the sample images are available at the product home page:

Direct download link:

We are looking forward to your answer and we would gladly provide you with the registration key if needed.

Danylo Kozub,

Chief Software Development,
Helicon Co.

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