Magnetic cable jack plug

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Magnetic cable jack plug

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Dear Catherine!
I would like to know what kind of connection is the "Jack" connector at the end of the magnetic cable? (TS, TRS or TRRS)? I ask because the data transfer on my Xiaomi devices is not working. I also tried a (CTIA-OMTP = TRRS-TRS) converter, but it still doesn't work. I also tried the (alternative configuration) switch, but it still doesn't work. Only works with Samsung galaxy tabA7. Is there any alternative to new phones with a (TRRS) jack?
Thanks for the help!
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Re: Magnetic cable jack plug

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Please let me apologize for such a delayed reply.

It's a TRS 3.5 mm jack. This should not be an issue and normally it doesn't cause any, as majority of phones have TRRS. Now we've checked Xiaomi layouts - also didn't see anything that may interfere with signal transmission. Unless there's something in their engineering design that we are not aware of.
Did you check sound settings with the cable being plugged in? Check volume level after plugging the cable in. Mono, equalizers, amplifiers, dolby - all this should be turned off.
Do you have a Bluetooth adapter available to try? Preferrable original Xiaomi or Samsung one.
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