Architecture Photography

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Architecture Photography

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To give you some context, my firm does architecture, construction, and infrastructure photography for B2B and B2G clients. We're currently using the D800 which is a good camera for the job along with the PC-E lenses. However, focus stacking with this camera is not possible (of course) and must be done manually.

We're looking at two options: the Nikon D850 or the Helicon FB Tube. From what I have read on the forum is oriented toward macro photography. Does this mean that the product wouldn't be suitable for our purpose?
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Re: Architecture Photography

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Helicon FB Tube changes properties of the optical system bringing focusing points much closer. Here is the table with some figures that will give you the idea of the focusing range of some of the lenses when using an extension tube: ... distances/

As you can see, the farthest focusing point is being shifted from infinity to, for instance, 3 m for Sigma 150 mm lens and to 1 m for Nikon 105 mm lens. When using macro extension tube, lenses lose their ability to focus at infinity. These specifics of operation of the optical system should be taken into account when considering using Helicon FB Tube for architecture photography. The primary use of macro extension tubes is close-up and macro photography. The video on the main page of Helicon FB Tube demonstrates the changes in focus distances when using the tube: ... n-fb-tube/ (00:28). In terms of optics our tube works as any other 12 mm macro extension tube. If you have any regular tube at hand, you are welcome to try how it works for your application.

Also it's worth mentioning that at the moment we have suspended sales of the tube due to war in our country. We fully maintain operations in software development, sales, licensing and support, but when it comes to physical shipments, it's not possible for now. We hope and believe to be able to resume sales as soon as possible, but it's not possible to make any plans.
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