Helicon doesnt work

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Helicon doesnt work

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Hi Folks

Greetings from Ireland. I bought Helicon FB Tube last year, it didnt work when I got it, but I didnt spend much time at. I recently got around to using it but, eventhough I did what I was supposted to do according to the video etc it wont work. Im using a Nikon D850 & Nikon 05 2.8 Macro. Green Light comes on, pulses are coming from phone but shutter wont work.
I have LV open on camera & Manual selected on camera & lens.

Can anybody help


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Re: Helicon doesnt work

Post by Catherine »

Hello Noel,

please set the lens to AF, focus limit switch should be set to Full.

It is an AF-S 105mm lens, right?

Try it with LV on and off.

Please let us know how it works.
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