Suggestion - Manual input of focus steps

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Suggestion - Manual input of focus steps

Post by BrianS » 16.01.2010 15:54

Hi Stas,

Have been off on another project - finally got a chance to run HR 1.11 through its paces. So far is running very well, the Canon Live View, Mirror Lock Up, x of y shot count etc changes are great.

So.... would it be feasible to allow the actual focus steps to be (initially) entered manually - or -(probably better) re-calculated based on the values entered in Number of shots / Distance between shots?

The reason I ask is that it can be quite tedious in deep stacks (especially with small steps) to slowly step down through the focus to get to the farthest point (I normally start from the closest). I (and I'm sure others) are quite adept at guessing the approx number of shots to take and use this as a starting point. Some stacks can require 300+ focus steps !
For example:
For subject x I know the approx focus range I need, camera distance etc - this will require about 45-50 shots - so I focus on the closest point - fine tune with HR GUI, set the closest point then enter 45 in # of shots - I would then need a button to tell HR to travel to this point - then add or subtract as required and set/re-set the furthest point.

One other little thing that makes it tedious is that I find the Camera/HR interface for some reason does not keep up with my focus button pressing - if I click too quickly the step is not performed - As far as I can tell this is not affected by the Pause value in preferences ( I have 300ms - which I find I need otherwise the 'travel to' often does not return correctly - although HR thinks it has - then if you fine tune the focus the step calcs are mucked up ).

As per above 300 + steps at 1/2 sec per step can be tedious - occasionally if the return to Closest doesn't work perfectly and I have to start all over again :(

Nonetheless HR is a much better way to do stacks!!


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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Suggestion - Manual input of focus steps

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 18.01.2010 16:31


Yes, you can enter the any of two main parameters (number of shots, distance between shots) manually. I would suggest you to focus on the nearest point, define distance between shots and set number of shots to 999. Then you will abort shooting when you see that the camera reached farthest point. I think it is a good solution for your case. Or define the farthest point first, then the nearest, then start shooting.

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