Version 4 Beta 2

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Version 4 Beta 2

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:) Congratulations :)
French version is very good, but I prefer to work in English . I shall prospect French wording for inspection. Beta 2 is stable . Balshoi Karasho ! :D

Question on NOISE NINJA :? :?:
Helicon Filter has detected Noise Ninja 2 attached to my PS but does not start Ninja when clicked (Using Ninja 2 Home) . Should I use Ninja Pro (16 bits colors) ? or what ? Or should I copy the (NNxxx.dll) and the (xxx.8bf) file somewhere in the Helicon\Filter\ folder ?

Ready to uninstall PS Element someday and live only with Helicon Filter :lol: :D
Happy Year 2006 ! 8)
Dan Kozub
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Well, calling PS-plugin is not an easy task and we still are not able to call some of them. I think this it the case of NN.

We will try to solve this of course.

Happy New Year!

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