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Filetype RAW

Post by optoel » 12.12.2017 23:04


would like to use this software for stacking images acquired from industrial machine vision camera from MatrixVision. It can save images in ".raw" file format but I cannot open it in Helicon.

Camera supported pixel formats are in attachement and also can be find on manufacturer page - ... gar-x.html

Also acquired test image in .raw format here on OneDrive -!AtpLmjnP7oB1zCQtffuhALkeswZ_

Ayn oppionion what might be the problem?

Thank you
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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Filetype RAW

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 14.12.2017 16:36

The problem is that this format is unknown to the raw converters (for example, to the Adobe DNG Converter). We don't have a solution to this problem. Perhaps, you could ask Adobe to support it. Or ask MatrixVision to ask Adobe to support it.
I think the reason it's not supported is that industrial cameras are simply outside the scope of mainstream/consumer photography market.

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Re: Filetype RAW

Post by sbuerger » 07.03.2018 22:16

Just stumbled over this old thread while browsing the forum and thought I might clear the confusion (in case someone is still interested in this): The files produced by these cameras are not of the Filetype "RAW". Much simpler than that (yet challenging), they are indeed raw files, meaning they contain nothing but pixel values and don't have a descriptive/identifying header.
For example, the test image provided is a 640x480, single channel grayscale picture with a color depth of 8 bit (note that I would not have that information if it wasn't in the filename). Consequently, it contains nothing but 307,200 (640 x 480) bytes of information, each one representing the luminance value of one pixel. You can open such files in Photoshop without problems, but you have to enter the dimensions, channel count and color depth manually as the file simply does not contain these informations. For this reason there is no chance that any "RAW" converter application (like DNG Converter etc.) can gather enough information from the file itself to be able to open it. And so it is blankly impossible that "real" raw files will ever be supported in DNG Converter.
As industry cameras usually work in an environment where the data they supply is automatically loaded and interpreted by some "client", possibly the simplest way to use their image output is to export the pictures from the client into some usual file format. If this is not possible, there is still the way to open the raw files in Photoshop etc., save the resulting pictures as TIFF or JPEG and stack those files - though I can't imagine any scenario in which putting so much manual work in files this coarse could make sense...

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Re: Filetype RAW

Post by BobStone » 08.03.2018 14:57

You can open the file from OneDrive in Photoshop using the File, Open command. A dialog will appear asking you to 'describe' the raw file. The inputs would be:

Width: 640
Height: 480
Channels : 1
Depth: 8
Header length: 0

While the image is clearly a grey scale it does seem to 'wrap' in a peculiar way, perhaps related to video scan. Perhaps you can compare to a version posted on the manufacturers web site.

In theory, you could create an action that could open and save in a more appropriate format.

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