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by Museumtech
09.10.2006 07:56
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Topic: Manfrotto focus rail
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Manfrotto focus rail

I have had the use of a Manfrotto 454 sliding micropositioning plate for the past two days. As can be seen from the two compared images, 41 steps sure beats 14. The rail has a fine adjustment knob that moves the camera 1.25mm for every full turn. I have been using 1/8 turn between each take which mo...
by Museumtech
03.10.2006 05:53
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Recent Helicon convert. Image, Jewel beetle
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Recent Helicon convert. Image, Jewel beetle

I'm sold. After three goes I was able to produce the attached image. It is the underside of a Jewel beetle, Chalcophora mariana florentina . I have include a 'fit to screen' sized image to give an idea of scale and then cut a full sized segment to show the detail and quality of the stiching. The sou...
by Museumtech
27.09.2006 07:49
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Accurate slicing
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Depth of Field

Peter, Thanks. I was just reading the thread and you've solve a problem for me. Re:Helicon likes a 25% overlap. I downloaded Helcon a couple of hours ago and stiched some images together but there were blured sections that I couldn't avoid. I was using f 2.8. After downloading a copy of a depth of f...